Lessons in English

Do you live in Paris and want to learn how to prepare french food?

I provide private cooking classes of classic French Cuisine recipes, in both English and French (for if you want to learn French at the same time!)

Duration of the lessons vary from 1h30 to 3h30, depending on the topic. We can either work on a single recipe, a specific cooking technique or a full menu.

I try my best to frequently change the cooking program depending on the season. Some dishes are typical winter or summer recipes. Also, fruits and vegetables are so much tastier if we buy them in season, so don’t be surprised if I don’t teach fraisier (strawberry cake) in the winter!

Prices include all the ingredients, which are always bought locally when possible. Ma Cocotte Jolie is doing its best to be an eco-friendly business!

Check some of the classes below and please contact me to get the seasonal cooking classes program, or if you have any questions in mind.